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Crash replacement

Cycling equipment, including wheelsets, are the subject of risk to be damaged in crash or similar. Therefore, in addition to a 3-year product warranty, Cenos offers a 3-year crash replacement for products for the first owner.

The crash replacement gives you the possibility to exchange your Cenos product in case of a crash. The cost of crash replacement is EUR350 (incl VAT) per wheel and EUR175 (incl VAT) per carbon rim.

Cenos reserves a right to exclude products from crash replacement without providing any additional reasoning.

In case the product is no longer available, Cenos reserves the right to offer an analogous product.

Process of crash replacement:

Please send an inquiry to info@cenos.cc with the following details:

a.       Picture of the damaged product

b.       Description of the crash.

c.       Proof of purchase

d.       Date of purchase

e.       Contact details

f.        Shipping address

If your replacement request is approved, Cenos will ask you to ship the damaged product to the Cenos service center for inspection.

Cenos will ship the replacement product after the final inspection of a damaged product.

Additional notes:

Please remove all additional accessories from the wheels – tires, cassettes, brake discs, quick releases, etc. If failed to remove, Cenos does not hold responsibility for these additional items.

The replacement product will not be supplied to standard 3–year warranty.