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Cenos G3 Swiss

Our ultimate gravel wheelset.

DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs

Cenos G3 Rims

Sapim CX-Ray spokes

Sapim Polyax nipples

Weight – 1250 g



General Front Rear
Set Weight 1250 g 580 g 670 g
Type DT Swiss 240 SP CL DT Swiss 240 SP CL
Axle 100 x 12 mm 142×12 mm
Brake interface Centerlock Centerlock
Internal Rim Width 25 mm 25 mm
External Rim width 30 mm 30 mm
Rim Height 30 mm 30 mm
Rim Weight 340g 340g
Type Sapim CX-Ray Sapim CX-Ray
Count 24 24
Sapim Polyax Secure Lock Sapim Polyax Secure Lock

Handbuilt with precision

Our desire for bike wheels came from the experience of working on them. It is fascinating how alive and subtle wheels can be. We built our wheels with the utmost care and attention. Spoke tension is specifically adjusted to best fit each setup. Only the best tools are used in every part of the process. We build only with Sapim spokes.

We build our wheels so we could sign on them. So we do.


All Cenos products are developed weight being one of the top priorities.  We have developed an Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technology which allows to significantly reduce rim weight while maintaining the stiffness and durability. Lighter rims helps to accelerate faster and allow to brake later. 

Easy Tire Lock

We have designed a custom Easy Tire Lock (ETL) rim profile for easy tire mounting. Custom-shaped groove allows much easier tubeless tire inflation and lets the tire stay locked even when deflated. This helps to easily add sealant through the valve core. In combination with a wide profile, most of the tubeless tires can be (dis)mounted without levers and only with a floor pump.

Hand-built in Europe

Every wheelset is a system of at least 50 components. Therefore the building quality is essential. All Cenos wheelsets are hand-built by experienced assemblers in Lithuania. We build our wheels so we could sign on them. So we do.

Cenos X3 rims