Why Cenos?

Difficult-to-beat price/performance ratio.

Cenos is a small company without a corporate structure, oversized offices and redundant processes. We keep the product portfolio narrow, focusing only on the best performance-per-dollar-spent products. We don’t have a huge marketing budgets or teams to sponsor. We optimize our supply chain and the wheel building processes in a lean manner. That’s how we can offer a very high performance products for a competitive price.


Created by cyclists, not marketeers.

The team behind Cenos wheels focuses on one thing and only – to offer carbon wheels that would beat the competition in specifications, but also be modestly priced. We do not believe the wheels double or triple as expensive as ours will bring you to the podium. We say, rather spend that money on extraordinary adventures and experiences you can have on your bike. Sign, go and race that far-away competition you always wanted to do. Hit that high-mountain pass in the Alps or Rockies. Go for Grand Fondo race in Italy or Thailand. Or just let the bike take you places.

Customer service.

Being a small company, one of our main strengths is the connection to the customer and possibility to customize the wheelsets, quickly solve any issues risen and have a personal approach to the customer.

Shipped from Europe – fast delivery, no import duties.

Not much to say here. We use only premium signed-for delivery agents for all shipments so you don’t need to worry about the delivery.